Bitwalking: An application that pays while you move.

Bitwalking application – An application that pays while you move.

Soon will be launched Bitwalking application, which is also a digital currency, which is aimed at encouraging users to more movement – so they pay for the made steps.


The users of applications get 1 dollar BW (Bitwalking dollar) for every 10,000 steps, and obtained money a user can spend in the online shop or exchange for cash.
The company has already checked the functioning of these applications in Malawai, where users explained how to manage, edit and consume digital currency earned on their own steps.

The founders of the project, Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi, received $ 10 million for the initial funding of these ideas. Investors are largely Japanese investors who help in launching these currencies and the creation of a bank that verifies the steps and transactions, but the company is still looking for partners who are willing to provide financial support to promote the movement.


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