This is not just a picture … Look closely!

If you first think that this is just a picture, then look again.

Who can make an incredible artwork, but artists. Exposing their emotions in different ways, makes them perfect.

This is no ordinary picture
Portrait of nails and thread.

Although most of us are not experts when it comes to art, but certainly we know that all these creations have its own special secret behind, and if we make a little effort to understand it, this art seems to be even more special.

Here’s a case where the ‘portrait’ discovered made by an artist Alkash Palahniuk from Ukraine.
Alkash spent 200 hours (more than 8 days) to develop this image using a hammer, a pencil, thousands of nails and thread.
The entire process is recorded that is posted on his YouTube channel.

When in April Palahniuk’s ‘fast’ video was released, it made a sensation.
Many wondered why a video called “For Justin Timberlake.”
Perhaps it’s just dedicated to him – who knows?

Funny, but some say on his Facebook page says that Alkash Palahniuk lives in Dallas, Texas, so if you are also interested in why portrait is dedicated to Justin Timberlake, you can just  ask him. 🙂


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