The man isolated from society for more than 25 years in the wilderness. What reveals his cave?

Unbelievable: See what one a cave reveals where a man was isolated from society even more than 25 years.

A man who escaped from the company, found his peace in a cave in the desert, now reveals an amazing scene inside the cave.

What reveals his cave?

What reveals his cave?

In the high desert of northern Mexico, you can actually hear the sound of human activity using carving tools, design of underground rooms and sculpture while standing just above the location where he was shaping. 
On the surface you can see a small entrance into one of the cave that leads to a deeper and wider cave, where he spent the last 25 years and carved the most beautiful form, man Ra Paulette, from Mexican sandstone, turns into a magnificent underground art. Sorce sun-gazing

Ra Paulette doing this job for many years with only a friend, his dog, which follows him all the time, with the support of sponsors and the living that are above the ground in the surrounding nearby. When he was asked whether he is possessed with digging caves, to which he answered, whether the child is obsessed with the game.
Ra Paulette sees not himself as an artist, but as a man who expresses his feelings this way. This his magnificent work, sees as an ecological project that could encourage many others in this or a similar way to express their emotions, while making perfect works of art. 
Please share your thoughts on this story, the quiet man with an artistic eye, whose dedication to his passion became his life’s purpose.


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