The loneliest house on a rocky Island: Why is there?

What do you think what is the purpose of this lonely house on a rocky island?

The mystery of existence loneliest house on the Island puzzled many …

The Archipelago has many islands but this rocky island has something that sets it apart from others on the shores of Iceland.

Lonely house in the photographs that is in a distant shore on a rocky, grassy island, which has attracted attention on the Internet because it looks just like something out of a medieval world.

The loneliest house
The loneliest house on the island

Since the owner is still unknown, Internet users for years wonder who built right there and why.
It is a mystery that has existed for many years, which puts people in the creative myths about what is exactly the purpose of the house.

Some thought it was probably built by some millionaire hermit – but not, some have said that it was a gift from government  to Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork – but not, Some have said that it is probably Photoshop – but it’s wrong again.

The loneliest house
Island House

In fact, the house is a cabin intended for hunters who love rare bird called puffins – very beautiful and unusual birds similar to penguin that was built by a Hunting Association Elliðaey.
Cabin has no water, electricity nor internet. But they have a sauna 🙂

The loneliest house, found on the island Elliðaey on the southern coast of Iceland, and reportedly has a pretty interesting history ..

The loneliest house
The loneliest house on the island

Long ago, this island was home to several families living there isolated  that survived thanks to hunting, fishing, hunting puffins and breeding cattle.

How to survive on the island has become impractical, the last residents left the remote island somewhere in the 1930s.


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