Tallest man in the world, failed to break the Guinness record!

Tallest man in the world died in age at 26, at his home after the battle with the disease.

Tallest man known as Pornchai Saosri lost his battle with a terrible, rare disease that is associated with the rapid rate of growth.

Pornchai Saosri – tallest man in the world

Pornchai was about 2.64 meters and it was hard for him to stand up straight since he was seriously ill, they measured him by sitting or lying down.
Family Saosria  first placed him in the hospital where he struggled with a number of diseases, but unfortunately that battle was lost when he spent last days at his home in the village of Ban Takaeo, Thailand.

tallest man in the world
Tallest man in the world, failed to break the Guinness record

Pornchai before died, said for himself that he is the tallest man, but he could not get the title because of a disease that did not allow him even to stand.

For now, the Guinness world record for the tallest man in the world belongs to Sultan Kosen from Turkey, who is 2.51m tall.


Pornchai Saosri was suffering from hypertension and other diseases and care of him took his family, mother Woen who is 56 years, father of Saran 60 and their fifteen grandchild.
Bangkok Post reported that his family appealed for help for his treatment and care.

The sad unfulfilled Pornchaia’s wish.
Before his death Pornchai expressed a wish that he would like to have a bed just as it had in the hospital, in the grip of a button the bed moves up and down, and some money to solve mother’s debts …



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