Muslims – In the world of 2050, there could be 2.8 billion Muslims

Number of Muslims in the world is growing at an accelerating rate.

According to research conducted at the Center for Research Pew in the United States, the number of Muslims in the world is increasing and is expected to exceed 2050. The number of Christians in the world.

Pew Research Center in its report stated that Islam is a religion that is the fastest growing. According to the results from 2010, 31 percent of the world’s population consisted of Christians (2.2 billion), while in second place with 23 percent there were Muslims (1.6 billion).

It is expected that in 2050, when it is assumed that world population will reach 9.3 billion, Muslims number to 2.8 billion and bring the number of Christians, which should then be 2.9 billion.
According to the same study, it is expected that by 2050 the world will be almost 17 million Jews, while in 2010 there were about 14 million.

The reason for such a large increase in the number of Muslims is the fact that many of those who have embraced Islam, and according to the research conducted, more Muslim women are born.
On this basis, scientists have come up with information that the birth rate among Muslims 3.1 percent, with 2.7 percent of Christians, Hindus 2.4 percent, and 2.3 percent among Jews.

A survey conducted in 70 countries, showed that in the last 40 years, while it was expected that 40 million people migrate to Christianity, 106 million Christians moved to another religion.
At the same time it was noted that the number of Jews declined by 300,000, while the Muslims three million more.

It is expected that in 2050, according to the study, in the United States, where in 2010 73 percent of the population felt the Christian population, with Muslims 0.9 per cent increase to 2.1 percent.
(Anadolu Agency)


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