Monstrous parents kept her for six years in the ruins!

Six years parents kept a girl in the ruins because they hated her boyfriend.

Drastic punishment for the girl who had relationship which parents did not approve for.

2009, 24-year-old Zhang Qi because of parents who did not approve her relationship, she broke the relationship with a guy. Even though she told her parents that a relationship was over, her parents took the drastic measure of locking her in the remote site in the ruins in the village of Jingang in central China’s Hubei province.
If someone asked about her, the answer was the same for all that she was locked due to mental illness and that it was for her own protection.
Nobody dares to interfere in such decision because her parents were very powerful, influential and strict people, said the farmer Chow Yen. Everyone knew about the locked girl.

Chow yen was the one who discovered the terrible images of the girl Zhang who, was forced to live in such conditions. Chow said he could no longer remain silent, after he moved, decided to tell story, despite the threats he received from the parents Qi.
He said he had to do what his conscience dictates and presented the photos because the local authorities refused to intervene without any evidence.
After Chow moved, each time he returned to the place, he secretly visited the girl, and the last time he saw her on the straw with a couple of blankets and some food. He decided to speak.

No matter what did this girl, had a mental illness or not, she is treated like an animal and he was sick of it. He contacted the police and published photos online.

Well, now you can judge who is actually a mental patient?


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