Google Maps: Mystery of the missing man for decades solved.

The mystery of a man who disappeared for decades, found thanks to Google maps.

Pictures made from  air shows a submerged car with the body of a man in it.

The family of the missing man gave up the search, which lasted a long time and published obituary in 2011.
Car with a man trapped in the mud is visible for years on Google Maps and it was revealed on Tuesday in Michigan

google maps

The accident that occurred in Michigan

October 11th 2006, disappeared Davie Lee Niles after he was last seen at his job that he worked in a bar in Jake Township, Michigan.
His family told that at that time he met a friend and suddenly disappeared.


Davie Lee Niles found decades after decades


‘How Davie Lee Niles 72, from Wyoming died, only God knows the time and place, “said in his obituary.           Dailymail


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