Did Adolf Hitler faked his own death?

Did Adolf Hitler faked his own death and fled to so far undiscovered shelter …

Is it possible that Adolf Hitler faked his own death and escaped to a secret Nazi shelter in the jungle

Jungle in Argentina revealed an interesting finding. Archaeologists have discovered interesting details and just discovered the shelter located on a remote, a remote village in the district of Argentina.
Because of German coins 1938-1944 found at the site, it is believed that it was a shelter by the Nazis, some of Hitler’s supreme assistant built as a safe haven in the event of defeat.

German coins

Germany coins found in the shelter

The news was escalated after the Nazi-hunter, author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias claimed that Hitler faked his own death and then fled to Paraguay via Argentina before he settled in the small Brazilian city.

In her book in Brazil, Simoni said about the life and death of Hitler and clearly said that at the end of the Second World War, evil dictator did not commit suicide.

The author claims that Hitler on  April 30 1945, did not commit suicide with his wife Eva Braun in the bunker in Berlin, and claims to have evidence that he lived 95 years.
In her book, a conspiracy theory is that Hitler before his death in 1984, took the name of Adolf Leipzig and had a black woman girl in Brazil.
Hitler was known to thousands of locals as ‘The old German’ in Nossa Senhora do Livramento – according to Simon.

did adolf Hitler faked his own death

It is believed that on this photo is Hitler with a black girlfriend in Nossa Senhora do Livramento

Simoni request to exhume Hitler’s body from its resting place in the Nossa Senhora do Livramento and to carry out a DNA test by relatives living in Israel.
Conspiracy theorists have long argued that Adolf Hitler escaped from Germany to South America.

2011, in the book ‘Grey Wolf’, escape of Adolf Hitler by authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan, noted that Hitler got away with Eva Braun to Patagonia and had two daughters before he died in 1962 at the 73 th year.

photographs of Nazi shelters

Shelter for which is believed that was built by the Nazis in the event of defeat.

But historian Walters did not agree with these arguments.
Hitler’s life in Argentina in the book that was published, Walters called the garbage, pure delusion, there is no substance to these claims and that there is no place in historical research.
Thousands of Nazis fled after the war, including the most famous Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.
Hitler’s bodyguard, Misch, who died at the age of 96, reportedly’s the final one who saw it, who said that he saw Hitler’s head down on the table after the shot was heard behind the door.

Did Hitler committed suicide or he faked his own death is to the investigators to discover which is difficult because of the absence of any physical evidence of his death.


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