Another Syrian toddler: The body of drowned Syrian girl found on Turkey beach.

New tragedy of Syrian refugees: The body of drowned  four-year-old girl found on Turkey beach, touched the world again.

Photos of the lifeless body of a four-year-old girl found on a beach on Turkey on Friday.

Lawyer from Bodrum Goray Karadut walking along the beach found the lifeless body of a girl on the beach in the Aegean town of Cesme in Izmir Province, after the ship with 15 Syrian refugees sank states Anadolu Agency.

Another Syrian toddler: The body of drowned Syrian girl found on Turkey beach.
Lawyer Karadut from Bodrum who found the lifeless body of Syrian toddler

Turkey coastguard managed to rescue 14 Syrian refugees, including eight children in a boat from which the four-year-old girl seems the only victim.

Lawyer Karadut who is a professional fisherman and diver says he often finds the remnants of Syrian refugees and that every time his blood freezes when he find the children’s clothes and shoes. This time Karadut haven’t found only clothing, he found, unfortunately, much more. Body of drowned girl who recognized as Sene by Nirvana Hassan one of the survivors from the ship which sank.

Syrian toddler
Picture of a lifeless body of the Syrian four-year-old girl

Photo of a dead girl who stuck between rocks is really a sad reminder of just a few weeks old pictures  of a boy Aylan Kurds that touched the world who was found dead on a beach after being with his family on a boat taking them to the Greek island of Kos and sank.

It was an emotional shock around the world. The public put pressure on European leaders to step up their responsibility to the Syrian refugee crisis.
But to this day, members of the EU have conflict where and how to accommodate several thousand new arrivals.
Turkish deputy prime minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Friday that the Turkish Coast Guard rescued more than 53,000 immigrants from damaged ships from the beginning of the year.

In the latest tragedy which happened on Tuesday off Kos, 22 people drowned when their wooden boat sank.
So far, Turkey has contributed for Syrian refugees $ 7 billion (6 billion euros), according to Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.
The public still mentions the terrible fate of people fleeing from war and continues to exert pressures that EU members leave the odds and finally do something.      [AFP]


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