Thousands of witnesses – ‘Floating City’ seen in the sky in China!

‘FLOATING CITY’: An interesting phenomenon in China, thousands witnesses claims to have seen the ‘floating city’ in the sky.

An interesting video and photos ‘floating city’ in the sky in China.

Residents in Foshan, China had  chance to watch unusual event from the windows of their homes directly in the sky, a floating city in which pulls the question, is this possible, is it a Fata Morgana, look into another dimension, or is it something else entirely. ..

A local resident has managed to make a short video of a city that floats and publish it on the news where it became a spectacle for interpretation.


Mr. Wu recorded picture on the 12th October in Jiangxi and says that was visible for 30 minutes and then disappeared entirely.

Fata Morgana is an optical illusion, experts say that can be seen on sea or land, so that this phenomenon is only an illusion of something .
Fata Morgana-usually includes an optical distortion and twisting objects such as ships, some facilities etc., that may appear in the sky when it makes the reflection of something when light rays passing through air of different temperatures as in the haze and heat .
However, some are still skeptical, wondering, is the parallel universe just opened?This is not the first “Fata Morgana”, a phenomenon that appeared.
2011. year in March, hundreds of residents of Nigeria in Bauchi had the opportunity to see a rare phenomenon, inter-dimensional floating city in the sky above their rural communities.
floating citiy, images
As a witness claims unexpectedly wide and big mass appeared out of nothing and looked like a cloud that drifted across the sky, and he could clearly see the beautiful tall buildings within it, even be able to hear the sound like the noise of a factory machine.

Mirage or not, surely this phenomenon residents of Nigeria and China will remember for a long time.


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