Horrific footage rescue of mexican immigrants from the truck.

The footage shows the dramatic moment rescue 39 Mexican immigrants who were on the brink of death in the 18-wheel truck

Video captured by the cop’s camera, shows dramatic rescue of 39 undocumented immigrants who were squeezed to each other in a trailer in the 18-wheel truck driving through Texas.

When the police opened the door of the truck, they found people on the brink of death, exhausted, covered with sweat, in an attempt to catch up the air, they trudged out over each other.

The police distributed water bottles when they were lined up on the floor to sit down, 28 adult men, 7 women and 4 minors who were found inside a truck coming from Mexico, Salvador and Guatemala.


Rescue immigrants from a truck

Drew Christopher Potter, 33, the driver claims he was paid to drive a truck but did not know that drives people behind.
He is charged with one count of conspiracy act of trafficking for financial gain and three points for transporting undocumented immigrants.

Immigrants are cared for in local hospitals and they are in the custody of the US Border Patrol in Laredo, where they will be held as witnesses to the driver Potter.


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