UFO: Fatal traffic accident for which witnesses blame UFO.

Russia: Is the UFO blame for a fatal accident as witnesses say?

Fatal traffic accident in which the UFO was blamed for, witnesses say that drivers distracted by a mysterious object in the sky just before the collision.

60-year-old man died in a crash in western Russia Udmurt Republic. 22-year-old man that was with him, was also taken to hospital with serious injuries. 

Witnesses claim that the drivers involved in traffic interfered by a mysterious object which they saw in the sky a few moments before the accident. 


Fatal traffic accident for which blamed UFO.

The truck driver was unhurt, but  treated  because of a chock after the collision. Other people who were driving along the road, said they have noticed a mysterious object. Witnesses say that the drivers were not paid attention to the road when they were distracted by the UFO. Police confirmed they are investigating the alleged UFO, but they can’t yet offer any explanation for the accident. 

The video shows the trip and captured moment that led to the fatal accident.


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