Buildings you must see to believe they exist.

The new design of the building that you have to see with your own eyes to believe.

Architects often have an easy task of designing a house, building, block of flats, but sometimes we search a little more, some extra new design, with a significant difference from the ordinary that can be a real challenge for them.

Upside-down building was designed by architect Terry Nicholson and it is a picture of what it would be like if a storm pick up the building and cast down on another building.
Amazing design of the building where there are areas of Physics and Mathematics and entertaining exhibitions.


Most people pass by hundreds of buildings on a daily basis but do not pay attention to them, but there are occasional exceptions when you look at the buildings that have their own power to attract our attention and stop us on our way.

Look at the design of buildings that you have to see to believe they exist.     Source /earthtripper
new building design
House in Poland, built by architect Szotynscy Zaleski. 2004.
When you look you may think that it is done digitally on a computer, the house is real and most photographed houses in Poland and now see why!
building design
‘Basket-building’, which is located in Ohio, USA, handmade of maple.
 The building is actually officially the world’s largest field goal with seven floors.
Handles on the top of the building even more difficult to 150 tons, and can be heated during cold weather to prevent damage from ice and frost.


new design
Dancing House in Pragu- beautiful, modern, glass structure which has one of the best restaurants in the city, designed by the architect Vlado Milunc and Frank O’Gehry.


Building in Abu Dhabi
Building Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi not only looks amazing, but is also a record. 160 m (520 ft) high skyscraper has 35 floors and has an incredible 18 degree slope to the west (4 times greater than the Leaning Tower of Pisa). The building was completed in 2011. It houses a 5-star hotel, and additional office space.


Design Library
The building in a form of a bookstore in Kansas. To improve the image of the downtown district and to covere up the parking, the architects have done a single library in the form of books.


design house
Building-shoe for which we can not say ‘The biggest’, but it is on the list of the most charming house that built back in 1948, by a shoe salesman Mahlon Haines when he wanted to use it as a commercial.

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