A man trapped on the island for 9 years, saved thanks to Google Earth.

Google Earth: You think that this is a movie? No, it’s not, looks strange, but true story of a man who spent nine years trapped on the island!

Many of you have seen the Tom Hanks movie in a character who is from a shipwreck found trapped on island, here’s a similar situation just this is a reality and that man is saved thanks to Google Earth.

In the film, Tom Hanks, the figure is on a desert island where he spent such a long time so he gets physical and mental changes that are very hard to watch. 
His relationship with the volleyball, which is among the things that washed ashore after a shipwreck precisely defines the loneliness on the island he had to endure. 

Now imagine that it is a reality that  Adam Jones had to go through all this when he was captured on an island 9 long years and who was saved by one of the most amazing technological advances of our time, Google Earth. Here is his story. 

Adam Jones and two friends set out on a journey in 2006. In fact, they should head to Hawaii from his home in Liverpool over the Atlantic Ocean and the Panama Canal on its way. 

The first phase of the journey across the Atlantic was crossed without problems, but When they reached the Pacific Ocean after crossing the Panama Canal, things went completely wrong. 
A storm comes and damaged electrical equipment and ship when friends drowned while Adam was unconscious for days floating on the water. 

The next day.
Adam found himself on a wreck and he floated two weeks, quickly devised a trick to find drinking water from rain drops when falling. 
Much has managed to collect and save water when it rained. 
The island on which the shipwrecked, Adam was using as a shelter from the debris ship, but after his makeshift shelter collapsed, he tried to bring down the tree since he had no a knife or anything else to do that, Adam came upon idea to use clam shell and it took him 11 weeks to finally bring down the tree. 

Over time he learned how to set up a fire on finally had heat and light on the island.

Adam had to go hunting for food, but since he had not the equipment for it, tried to make a bow and arrow, but he has not succeeded, the arrow was not strong enough. 
Fortunately for him, there was a lot of wild goats on the island, Adam has encountered one that was trapped in the bushes. 
Adam describable situation when he killed the goat that was horrifying 15 minutes for him when he had to kill. However, it was for him 50 pounds of meat. 
Adam says he’s also worked a lot on the physical stamina to survive and remain strong, making the devices for exercise and practice every day and so maintain physical stability. 

The mental agony.
Adam says that the worst thing on the island is a loneliness, mental agony he had to endure. Constant feeling of loneliness in the big island, and a feeling that will never be saved, it ate him in the inside.  
If you are alone for a long time and you start talking to yourself, then surely there is something wrong with you. The story of Adam Jones. 

Adam has made ​​enormous SOS sign on the beach area where he cleared a large area where  it is clearly visible because Adam had hoped that the plane passes often, at least had the hope that one day someone will find him. It was difficult, but hope only remain. 

Day rescue.

SOS, photos google earth

Google Earth

Source image: www.wordpress.com

Finally the day of salvation came. One day, Adam was surprised when he heard the sound of aircraft overhead. He waved a few times when the package is ejected from the plane for him which contained water, food, medical equipment, and radio. 
He turned on the radio and talk to the pilot and could not believe that after nine years he hears a human voice. 
When asked how they found it, the pilot said that the boy from Minnesota saw  SOS sign on the Google Earth and called authorities. Source / trendingpost

But Adam had to wait another 5 days to get away from the island, it takes that much to ship came to an unnamed island that Adam called his home for 9 years.


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