They went to explore the underwater cave and did not return.

Lost in underwater cave, aware that they will soon run out of air – terrible death of a divers in Croatia.

Croatia is among the most desirable destinations for summer fun in Europe, but certainly with very good reasons.

Went to the underwater cave, they did not return.                                 MUP
Its shores lined with beautiful blue water that extends for miles and excellent underwater scenery if you like diving. 
Of course, diving is excellent recreation but carries its risk which must be taken very seriously because good things can flow quickly in the wrong direction with deadly consequences. 

Last summer , exploring underwater caves ended tragically for two divers who have  died in cave diving in the popular Croatian island of Solta.

cave Poganica
Meet the underwater cave Poganica.                          MUP

The tragedy occurred at the beginning of July this year, but specialist divers pulled the bodies after in August.

underwater cave
Dangerous cave for inexperienced divers                               MUP

Poganica cave is very difficult to pass even for experienced divers. 
A Croatian citizen and German tourists apparently did not know, nor were prepared for it.

underwater cave in Croatia
Cave Poganica                                  MUP

Although the cave entrance is narrow, cave descends straight down even 115 meters. 
After the descent, a real maze opens another 200 meters. 
This is certainly not the place where YOU want spend your last moments. 

Due to the difficult conditions inside the cave diving team spent three days to get the bodies. 
This cave is not the first time to take away life, the past twenty years, has claimed at least four lives.

underwater cave
The reasearch of underwater caves Poganice ended tragically                         MUP

Can you imagine such a death, the fate of you and your friends lost in a deep cave and you are aware that you will soon run out of air. 
A frightful way to leave this world and even more the agony which they passed through while they waited for death.


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