The youngest boy executed by electric chair in the history of the United States.

The youngest boy executed in the United States, 70 years after the death, he acquitted!

George Stinney Jr. was only 14 years old when he get death sentence by electric chair for beating to death of two white girls in 1944. 

George was black and lived in a separate city Alcolu when he was arrested and sentenced to a one-day trial. The whole process took only about three months.

Later, there was Judge Carmen Mullen rejecting belief in his convictions, writing notes that cannot think of a greater injustice on the part of the state, adding that given the circumstances of the George Stinney’s case, believes that the evidence is mostly standard and that a violation of the defendant’s rights during the process led to his persecution.

When the youngest boy sentenced, it was the lack any physical evidence that linked him to the case. There were no witnesses to call in his support, and there were no complaints .

He was arrested at the house, he was all alone, and after that, he was kept away from their parents and family. When he later confessed of killing the girls, his support is believed that this recognition was out of fear, they thought because they knew that he was very quiet and scared little boy who would confess anything to make the government happy that  pressed him. By Huffington Post UK / AP.

The case has renewed attention by one inspector and school board member George Frierson.
Armed with a multitude of newspaper articles and other records, he and the law firm believe that the boy is everything that was wrong in the era of segregation in South Carolina

Stinney case long rustled in the circles of civil rights in South Carolina as an example of how a black man can be executed by the judicial system at the time investigators, prosecutors and the jury were all represented were white ..

Now, after so many years, his family has finally some peace and finally put it all behind them, however delayed justice and truth once served.


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