Teenagers raped 14-year-old girl and commended images on the Internet.

Teenagers raped 14-year-old girl with various objects Russian city of Pskov and released their monstrous act.

Four teens “from good families” were accused for sexually abusing of a 14-year-old girl whose image are set to the Internet.

Police said the victim suffered internal injuries and is still in poor mental state after the attack.

After the attack, the image appeared on the Internet and the police arrested them.
One picture shows the victim lying naked next four smiling teenage boys and one teenage girl smiling.

On the other were boys outside with the victim who was holding her head down on her knees.
A teenage girl who was photographed with the attackers said that she was in a strange condition and was not aware of what she does.

According to Russian law, teenagers are too young to be held criminally responsible for the atrocities, while the ombudsman for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov calls to punish the perpetrators as an example to others. One of the perpetrators on Facebook boasted that “there is no law for them.”

– It is clear that they will not go in jail, but they should be sent in a strictly closed boarding schools and forced labor at least three years, Astakhov said, adding that all teenagers from decent families.

– The worst is that they do not understand what they have done. They brag about it. The victim suffered serious physical and psychological consequences, said Astakhov.


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