Siamese sisters in love with the same man.

Meet Siamese sisters who are in love with the same man.

Siamese twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, named ‘Spider Sisters’  by the locals because of their appearance.

46-year-old Siamese twins due to lack of enough money for the surgery, still today are joined at the waist, have only one set of legs, and very difficult life in a poor family near Calcutta Soup Bengal.
Specifically, the twins share a stomach, but have separate hearts, kidney and liver, and the interesting thing is that they share the same man.

Needless to say, but the love life of these sisters is a real challenge.

In the case of the these twins, they were free all their life and suffered years of rejection – not only from romantic relationships with men, but of society as a whole – only because of their unusual look.
Really, their own parents abandoned them when they were already sprouting in girls, fearing that they were a sign of God’s anger.

But now, Ganga and Jamuna are happy at least on a small milestone that occurred in their life – love in the same man.
Jasimuddin Ahmad – happy lover of the two siamese sisters said he will do everything to make them happy and sisters have said that they have never been happier.

This love is a very unusual and unique. Watch the video and drop your comment!


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