Guatemala – Sorrowful confessions of raped girls.

Guatemala: Sorrowful confessions of the raped girls, photographer recorded many.

Linda Forsell, photographer recorded the terrible confession of raped girls who have already become mothers in Guatemala.

Author of a photo Linda Forsell, reveals the shocking reality of these girls who have been raped and become a mom but worse is that the incest  become common, even in those parts of the country  is considered normal. 

Even more than 80% of the perpetrator who abused young girls even younger that 14 years, are some members of the family or someone close to the family and even in some cases the father. 
The photographer reveals gruesome details, many are not even aware of the situation in which the woman and her status at all in Guatemala, but this project is hope that will change that.

raped girls who have become mothers

Confessions of raped girl from Guatemala. photo / Linda Forsell


The photographer believes that this project can open the eyes of many who are not familiar with this issue and also to help those women who live in walls that have a responsibility for the child, without any possibilities and their life is in the hands of a husband or parents.

Sorrows confessions raped girl Linda is recorded like pregnancy after the first menstrual period, a girl told her that the pregnancy happened at 11 years old when she was raped by the brother of her grandfather.

photos raped girls

Raped girls already become mothers photo / Linda Forsell

One said that she was tied to a tree and raped by 53-year-old man. 
Stigma and punishment in various ways, these women in Guatemala is a major issue as well as gender inequality. 
If the rape happened in the district of the family, that’s not says, as if it were completely normal incest in the family. 

Despite their hard life and traumas that girls survive, although shy, girls tell what’s going on in Guatemala but with a smile on their face again because of a back to school, and that way they can talk to friends and have that part in their life.

photos raped girls

Raped girls in Guatemala photo / Linda Forsell

Photographer Forsell says that it’s good to talk about because it begins as a first step to heal their wounds and extinct terrible abuse of the girls, and it is very important to continue with the Education because it is the best option for a better future.



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