Giant abyss swallowed whole beach, eerie moment!

Giant abyss swallowed whole beach, cars and caravans have disappeared  in a moment.

‘The whole beach is disappearing’: Campers describe a scary moment when a gigantic sinkhole opened and began to swallow all.

About 140 people were evacuated on Saturday when a giant ab and abyss began to swallow the whole beach near Queensland.

Giant abyss

Giant abyss

The vast sinkhole the size of a football field began to swallow cars, tents and luxurious caravans, there were no injured or missing people, They managed to escape in time of natural disasters that struck Queensland Australia.


This man recorded the moment when his home disappears into the ground.

One of the campers recorded moment of disappearance of his $ 150,000 luxury home for holidays and cars in mud and silt in only thirty minutes.
Campers have told ABC abyss sounded like thunder and it was horrible to watch.

Scientists have pointed out that the sinkholes appear regularly in the area and discard the recent activity of earthquakes in southern Queensland as a cause.    


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