E-cigarette exploded in his face, ended in a coma.

Shocking: A young man in a coma after e-cigarette exploded in his face.

On the smoke-break, the young man took e-cigarette as everyday normal day at work, but that day will surely remember.

James Lauria at work took a break to smoke and suffered burns on his face, arms, chest, and eyes, when  suddenly exploded electric cigarette in his face. 
The explosion was so strong that he got a fractured neck, fingers and teeth damage. 

The young man woke up from a coma in Alabama where he nurtured but still suffers from serious injuries after 6 weeks. Difficulty talking and even harder to consume food. 

James spoke he remember when e-cigarette exploded and driving in the emergency vehicle, and than after, he knew nothing. 
James Lauria happy to be alive and warns others to think about the use of electronic cigarettes.


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