Death of 3 – year old boy from Syria touched artists around the world.

Artists around the world responded to the tragic death of 3-year-old Syrian refugee.

Picture of dead three-year old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, touched the world, including artists who have their own reaction.

caricature of a three-year Syrian
Do you see it now?

On Wednesday morning 2. August, Turkish police found the body of a 3-year Syrian refugee – Aylan Kurds – who drowned along with his 5-year old brother and mother Ghalib Rehan in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to escape from Syria. Photo of his lifeless body snapped in public.
The danger and despair of the refugee crisis in Syria inspired strong emotional response from artists around the world.
These touched answers in the form of sadness to anger, they said that no metter of Syrian refugee crisis and a European response, children as Aylan and Ghalib should not die like this.

death of a young Syrian
  Picture of three-year old dead Syrian Kurds Aylan when found               Image credits:  Nilufer Demir / Reuters
photo Syrian boy
Mankind cleaned their shores!
pictures of Syrian boys on the coast
May God be with you, little angels. The tragic death of Syrian children.   Aylan by Gündüz Aghayev
As his story should end!
caricatures of Syrian children
Just sleep!                           Source
Caricature Syrian boy Aylan Kudri
Leaders look!                      Source
caricature boy Aylan kudri
The hope of mankind to find a cure for a visa!          Source
caricature boy Refugees
We lose humanity, people will die around the border!

caricature of a three-year dead Syrian boys
Hell is a reality in which we live!
Syrian boy
From Syria embrace to drowning in the sea in Turkey!            Source


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