TRUMP insulted Heidi Klum: Here’s how she responded.

New public mocking between Donald Trump and Heidi Klum. Watch Heidi’s respond to Trump.

One of the most beautiful women in the world has become the latest victim of Donald Trump, but she was not owed.

Heidi Klum has published a video which mocks Trump after he said in an interview that the 42-year-old beauty “is not a ten.”

Heidi Klum photos
Heidi Klum posted video on social media a respond to Donald Trump

In fact, in an interview with The New York Times, Trump said he was not sexist but also admitted that sometimes goes too far with his comments. This was no problem, said: “Heidi Klum, unfortunately, is no longer ten.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In response to his criticisms, Heidi has published a video on the social networks in which he ridicules. He’s wearing a shirt that says “10” and then approached her from behind a man who plays at Trump and who takes off with ten shirt and reveals the number 9.99. Heidi first acts shocked, but then shrugs and continues to smile.
“Trump spoke. Unfortunately, I’m not ten. I had a good career, “- wrote Heidi and added that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Otherwise, Trump has repeatedly shocked the public because of his comments about women and their appearance, and many were particularly unnerved by what such words coming from a man who is running for president of the United States.


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