The practice of binding feet: IS THIS THE WORST TRADITION IN HISTORY EVER?

The practice of binding feet – last traces of unimaginable ancient practice. They broke the fingers to be beautiful.

In history, men and women alike suffer pain and agony in the name of beauty, practical modification of the indigenous tribes around the world, to the tight corset in ancient Europe and modern practices, piercings, tattoos and various forms of cosmetic surgery.

The practice of binding feet

But nothing of these traditions is not comparable to the duration of the agony of the ancient Chinese tradition of binding feet.
Today, there are few remaining women in China with binded foot, so that the photographer Jo Farrell started to record the last traces of this ancient practice.

The practice of binding feet

The ancient origin is not known for certain, but according to some accounts, foot binding dates back to the Shang Dynasty 1700. – 1027 but other historical records says that this practice dates  from the Song Dynasty in 960. – 1279. when a dancer danced with binded feet, that Li Yu, who ruled over one region of China at the time, fell in love. After that, binding feet has become much more widespread.

The binding feet practice fell out  in the early 20th century and was finally banned in 1911, however, tying feet continued in rural areas to around 1939. There are now rapidly decreasing population which is still used to this practice, and some of them are photographed as part of the photographs.

The practice of binding feet

While this practice seemed barbaric and gruesome, it’s a tradition that help women to find the right partner. Binding feet process took place while the girls were young about 14 years while they are still in development.
It would be in the winter because of the cold when the legs are numb and feel less pain.

They would soak the feet in a warm mixture of herbs and animal blood to make it soft the nails are cut back as much as possible, and the fingers of both legs bent back and then press tothe feet until they get broke and so were bound curves below and around heavily to shape.

The practice of binding feet

Large number of Chinese women use this unimaginable practice suffered from infections, women had difficulties in walking and some even Wednesday, fell and broke other parts of the body (hip, hand, etc.)
Many of the women who underwent foot binding remained with permanent disabilities.

How far would you go to attract a partner? : D


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