Rapist caught on camera carrying his victim.

Rapist filmed carrying the victim in the arms (VIDEO)

Security cameras captured the image of Birmingham street where a man is carrying a woman which he would shortly after rape, reported the British police, reports the Mirror.

rapist caught on camera
Rapist caught on camera carrying his victim.

The unfortunate girl (25), before she was attacked, she was at a party with friends in a bar in the center of Birmingham.

The rape happened shortly after they were observed in the video, and the victim allow to to the British police to publish videos.

Birmingham photos
A bar in the center of Birmingham street.

This heinous crime took place in October last year, but police shot just announced today.

Rape was reported soon after the woman left the store, and passers-by found her in a very stressful condition.

– No need to forget that against this woman committed a terrible crime, and should be commended her courage to allow publish this video, said Detective Con Danette Calvey.

Police are asking those who recognize the man from the footage, to report the police immediately. 
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