NASA IMAGES: recorded a creature that crawls between the rocks on Mars.

NASA IMAGES: Recorded creature ‘Alien crustacean ‘crawling among the rocks on Mars.

NASA released a new photo of the Alien creature-like crustacean  that crawls on the red planet.

Mission aimed to get to know  better mars is very advanced.  Little by little, our knowledge about red planet somewhat by increasing the space agency continues to research and inform the public and the scientific community on the new data. 
Therefore, all information was a real excitement for many.

NASA image, MARS

Photo credit: YourneytothesurfaceoftheMars

So, NASA released to the public an image of the universe, and so raised the noise on social networks. 

Seth Shostak, (Center for SETI Research) said that this is probably the case Pareidolia
It is a psychological response to the vision of the face and other important and everyday objects in random stimuli. 

He says that often receives pictures from Mars with very excited sender that he discover something unusual on Mars. 
It is a form Apophenia, when people see some random samples unrelated data. 
The human eye can detect faces within their environment and helps us recognize friends in a crowd, how fast a car can travel and the like. 

Our brain is so intelligent that it can make a variety of forms of matter, such as when we see the moon in various shapes or clouds in the shape of animals. 
Scientists also claim that people also tend to use this ability ‘to enrich the imagination’ and identify meaningful forms, even when they are not there.

NASA photos

MARS: the woman in the photograph phtot / NASA

This is not the first time that the pictures sent from Mars forms a living being, nearly we had the opportunity to read about photography woman in the picture, which is considered another ‘strange’ assertion of the existence of something on this red planet. 

However, although still a trace of evidence of life on Mars, scientists are trying to acquire this kind of similar pictures that little public definitely excited.



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