For committed massacre got 12 life sentences.

For the massacre in the cinema got 3,318 years and 12 life sentence.

A district court judge in Colorado has condemned the mass murderer James Holmes, who three years ago in the small town of Aurora in suburban Denver killed 12 and wounded 70 people during the midnight premiere of Batman, the 12 life sentences and a total of 3,318 years in prison.

murderer James Holmes
The mass murderer James Holmes

Judge Carlos Samour is giving judgment said that evil and mental illness are not mutually exclusive. According to him, of whatever disease he was suffering, ample evidence showed that a significant part of his personality was driven by “anger, hatred, revenge and other evils.”

“The intention of the court that the defendant never set foot in a free society (…) If ever there was a case which required maximum sentence, then this is it. The defendant does not deserve any mercy, “said the judge.

Survivors and families of victims of applause welcomed the verdict. After a three-month trial in which hundreds of witnesses gave testimony and presented thousands of evidence about the shooting at the cinema jury in July after a day and a half deliberations Holmes declared guilty on all 165 counts. Twelve jurors rejected defense claims that Holmes was non compos.

Holmes 20. July 2012 threw tear gas to the movies and then started shooting at visitors, mostly young people, with weapon, a shotgun and pistols and wearing a headset and listened to techno  not to hear the screams of the victims. He was wearing a helmet, a gas mask and put a bulletproof vest.


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