Asteroid will hit the Earth in mid-September, NASA responded!

CONSPIRACY THEORY – Asteroid will hit the Earth. Possible total destruction.

Around the Internet spread the story that a giant asteroid headed toward Earth and will cause total destruction. This gossip has reached such a hit that even NASA felt the need to respond.

From the headquarters of the American space agency indicated that it is completely wrong information and that the Earth does not need to fret. This claim has gone so far as to have stated that the attack happened between the 15th and 28th of September and it will happen somewhere in Puerto Rico. Not only that, they noted that the US authorities were secretly working plan of resistance to the disaster. 

However, NASA said that there is no chance that something in this period hit Earth. – There is no scientific evidence that an asteroid or any space object hit the ground – said Paul Chodas of NASA. – That if there is such an asteroid that can destroy the Earth, we would probably do it now and see. Chodas added that the stories about the end of the world hears almost daily.


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