Honey art: Drenching from children to elders in honey to make fantastic art.

Honey art, the idea of ​​artists to whose call responded children and the elderly in order to strip naked to drenching in honey. Blake Little, an artist from Los Angeles,

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CALLIGRAPHY: The youngest master in the world, his work will freeze you!

Yet, calligraphy is not a lost art, shows the youngest master in the world whose work will literally freeze you.

This is not just a picture … Look closely!

If you first think that this is just a picture, then look again. Who can make an incredible artwork, but

The man isolated from society for more than 25 years in the wilderness. What reveals his cave?

Unbelievable: See what one a cave reveals where a man was isolated from society even more than 25 years. A

Buildings you must see to believe they exist.

The new design of the building that you have to see with your own eyes to believe. Architects often have

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NEW BIBLE FOUND: Jesus was not crucified and is not God’s Son!

Panic at the Vatican because of the new found Bible: Jesus was not crucified and is not God’s Son! Religion keeps saying that “there is evidence”, and now evidence emerged

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Removing organs of prisoners while they are alive still continues.

Removing organs of political prisoners is not only in China, the United States and Europe urged Kosovo to start an

The heaviest girl in the world just 18 months old, has a disorder that makes her constantly eating!

The heaviest girl who suffers from a rare disease – eat 6 times more than she should and still hungry.

Accused of a triple murder after she caused an accident because of a Facebook chat.

The Mother accused of a triple murder after she caused an accident because of a Facebook chat just two minutes

Buried alive eight months by her boyfriend because of his belief that it will make him rich – PEOPLE IN SHOCK!

Buried alive eight months by her boyfriend because the doctor told him that this ritual will make him rich –

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Discover India in Dubai

Dubai is a melting-pot of cultures, with most of the city’s population being made up of expats who have moved to the city and now call it their home. With

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Hilarious Clips

Hilarious battle between a ram and a biker.

Hilarious battle between a ram and biker that will force you to tears 🙂 See what kind of situation is when a biker came on a way to a crazy

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The curse of Villisca Axe house: Ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest during the night.

The curse of Villisca Axe house where multiple murder happened, ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest, don’t know why… The Curse of the house where a ghost hunter Robert

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Unsolved case: ‘Unknown Child’ is still one of the biggest cases of mysterious murder.

Unsolved case: ‘unknown child’ is still one of the biggest cases of mysterious murder in America. On 25, February 1957,

Google Maps: Mystery of the missing man for decades solved.

The mystery of a man who disappeared for decades, found thanks to Google maps. Pictures made from  air shows a

Archaeology: thermal anomalies discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Is there an unknown hidden treasures and secret tomb inside a pyramid at Giza? There was a “impressive” thermal difference

Thousands of witnesses – ‘Floating City’ seen in the sky in China!

‘FLOATING CITY’: An interesting phenomenon in China, thousands witnesses claims to have seen the ‘floating city’ in the sky. An

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The most shocking photos from the 1984 Gas tragedy in India!

WARNING: Photos presented of THE WORST INDUSTRIAL DISASTER are creepy graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. On December 1984, a storage tank at the Union Carbide Plant in

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Horrible and incredible story: A dog whose face ate worms incredible recovered! (WARNING)

A dog in India passed through hell, but the story of a dog named Kalu, who was found in a

Forgotten hell of people ‘Alligators’ who lost faces after the atomic attacks on Hiroshima.

Forgotten hell of Hiroshima: People could not scream because their mouths were unable to produce sounds. After dropping the atomic

Monstrous parents kept her for six years in the ruins!

Six years parents kept a girl in the ruins because they hated her boyfriend. Drastic punishment for the girl who

Horrific footage rescue of mexican immigrants from the truck.

The footage shows the dramatic moment rescue 39 Mexican immigrants who were on the brink of death in the 18-wheel

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