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Decoding the Implied Meaning of Radha-Krishna Paintings

As an art curator, I am frequently asked by my family and friends what is the significance of art. They usually come up with questions like does art mean paintings

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Acoustic guitar with amazing rich acoustic sound that most people love.

Acoustic guitar is a guitar that is similar to the classical guitar, but has a metal wire and a narrower

Honey art: Drenching from children to elders in honey to make fantastic art.

Honey art, the idea of ​​artists to whose call responded children and the elderly in order to strip naked to

CALLIGRAPHY: The youngest master in the world, his work will freeze you!

Yet, calligraphy is not a lost art, shows the youngest master in the world whose work will literally freeze you.

This is not just a picture … Look closely!

If you first think that this is just a picture, then look again. Who can make an incredible artwork, but

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Anthony Joshua – world boxin champion attacked by the anti-Muslim abuse!

British world’s boxing Anthony Joshua, attacked by the anti-Muslim abuse after he published a picture of prayer with friends in the mosque… This time, a wave of anti-Muslim abuse, unbelievable,

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Syria: According to Anadolu Agency truce starts at midnight

Information about ceasefire agreed in the whole of Syria, was confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin ANKARA (AA) – A

Yemen: One child dies of hunger every 10 minutes

At least 462,000 of children suffer from serious malnutrition, and the hardest state of child is under five years of age.

Shocking footage from Burma – torturing little toddler with Stun Gun – WARNING

Abusing and torturing little Muslim toddler from among the oppressed Rohing. people, this will break your heart… Disturbing video footage

Top marketing lessons From Trump’s Presidential Campaign That Every Marketer Should Learn

Yes, you have heard it right. Love him or hate but can’t ignore Donald Trump and his Innate marketing tactics

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16 Roads in India to Test Your Driving Skills

India is known for its troublesome roads which have claimed lots of lives in the past. But this negative Indian aspect is at present a source of thrill to the

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Hilarious battle between a ram and a biker.

Hilarious battle between a ram and biker that will force you to tears 🙂 See what kind of situation is when a biker came on a way to a crazy

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The curse of Villisca Axe house: Ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest during the night.

The curse of Villisca Axe house where multiple murder happened, ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest, don’t know why… The Curse of the house where a ghost hunter Robert

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Unsolved case: ‘Unknown Child’ is still one of the biggest cases of mysterious murder.

Unsolved case: ‘unknown child’ is still one of the biggest cases of mysterious murder in America. On 25, February 1957,

Google Maps: Mystery of the missing man for decades solved.

The mystery of a man who disappeared for decades, found thanks to Google maps. Pictures made from  air shows a

Archaeology: thermal anomalies discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Is there an unknown hidden treasures and secret tomb inside a pyramid at Giza? There was a “impressive” thermal difference

Thousands of witnesses – ‘Floating City’ seen in the sky in China!

‘FLOATING CITY’: An interesting phenomenon in China, thousands witnesses claims to have seen the ‘floating city’ in the sky. An

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Operation succeeded: The boy whose neck hung at an angle of 180 degrees, finally sees the upright!

The boy whose neck was hanging at an angle of 180 degrees, finally sees the world in the right way after the surgery! The student Mahendra Ahirwar, 13, suffers from

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Looking like an 80-year-old man – baby born, parents and doctors shocked! VIDEO!

With the features of an elderly man, a baby boy born with Progeria – syndrome causes very sunken body, wrinkles

Horrific landslide – “place that has disappeared from the face of the earth” DISTURBING VIDEO

A horrible Landslide swallows whole village in Bosnia after rainfall that exceeded the record of the last 120 years… In

STEPMOTHER: 6 The most evil stepmothers that exist in real life!

Stepmother in popular culture has a pretty bad reputation of being evil witch. Some of them have such reputation because

The most shocking photos from the 1984 Gas tragedy in India!

WARNING: Photos presented of THE WORST INDUSTRIAL DISASTER are creepy graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. On December

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